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"Do you know that place between sleep and awake; that place where you can still remember dreaming? That's where I will live."


Who’s that girl? She’s so perfect.

You meet people who forget you. You forget people you meet. But sometimes you meet those people you can’t forget. Those are your friends.
Caring was the only thing I ever did when we were friends. The minute you turned your back is the minute I realized I deserved better.
It’s tough when your friend begins to ignore you. It’s even tougher to pretend you don’t mind.
You were the one I thought who wouldn’t…let me down. What shocked me is…when I needed you the most…you were the first to walk away.
Things change and friends leave and life doesn’t stop for anybody.
Friendship is delicate as a glass, once broken it can be fixed but there will always be cracks.
It takes years to build trust and just seconds to destroy it.
Friendship isn’t about whom you have known the longest…it’s about who came, and never left your side.
Men kick friendship around like a football, but it doesn’t seem to crack. Women treat it like glass and it goes to pieces.

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